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Our culture: 
1. Aiming perfection. 
2. Innovation.

1. Strict requirement on self, innovation, pursuing high vision!
2. Setting up higher target, developing new world, achieving best!

Our spirit: team work
Description: We confirm our higher target and share the achievements together. For we realized: Only to be team work, we may achieve success!

Our management principle: Regulation, management and emotion
Description: Only with complete management, we may effectively settle the problems in our work and achieve our target.

Talent principle: Everyone is our treasure. 
Description: Each employee is our precious resource. The company gives each employee a space to exert talents, the employees do well in own business. 

Working principle: 
1. Finishing today's things today, achieving higher level.
2. Do the tiny things to the best!

1. Finishing today's things today; achieving higher level through summarizing. 
2. Judging the important and difficult business for the tiny and easy business. Doing everything better. 

Description: We shall remain best working status so as to achieve higher effect as well as caring each one around us so as to achieve success together.

Sales management principle: Do well in analysis, summarizing, innovation and creating brand!
Description: Setting up target, dealing with problems with carefulness, doing well in settling problems. 

Marketing principle: Enable each client to achieve reasonable profit.
Description: Our brand may be promoted by our clients and ourselves. Reasonable profit may protect the market and promote us to keep developing. 

Competition principle: To be better and active.
Description: Remaining higher competitive force than our competitors to seize the initiative. 

Market principle: Carefully researching and developing, the market is around us!
Description: Once upon a time, two shoe sales were designed to develop a market in the same area, after deep investigation, they found that everyone here didn't wear shoes. 

One became very disappointed and returned several days later; the other was very happy. A short time later, everyone here wore shoes ...... Innovation, to achieve higher success!
Description: We set up high standard and pursue higher mission. There's no endless in the road of pursuing perfection.

Working & service principle: You satisfaction is our working standard.
Description: Each procedure is the supplier of the next procedure, whether the next procedure satisfies our work, that is our working standard. 

Quality principle: Customer's satisfaction and confidence is the foundation for us to survive and develop. 
Description: We are developing owing to provide high quality products, our brand is developing owing to customer's satisfaction. What we are doing is to be better and higher!

After sale service: Customer-oriented
Description: Sincere service, provide customer-oriented service, settling customer's problems as soon as possible.