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The enterprise symbol and trademark of Nanhai Gales Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. apply the same name and pattern which embody the corporate spirit and service tenet. 

The meaning of GALES:

The meaning of GALES: family, consumers, happiness, target and prospect. 

It expresses the service mission of GALES which is: serving our customers and developing into the favorable products of our customers.

The English name of GALES is the combination of the main letters in GALATIA, ELECTRICAL and SUCCESS, which express the principle of the company --- constant innovation, pursuing perfection and providing excellent household electrical appliance for out consumers, developing into the electrical appliance kingdom which focusing on household electrical appliance. 

The pattern and color of GALES symbol:

The main color of the pattern is red, assisting with black letters and crossing lines of GALES. The crossing line means the horizon and the red ellipse means the rising sun, the entire symbol reflects the meaning of energetic GALES business. 

The pattern in the red ellipse is the upright of letter "G" - which is the first letter of GALES and forms a "∞"(infinite) symbol, it means the booming and infinite GALES business. The pattern also looks like a flying salangane which means that GALES will not satisfy the current status and is pursuing higher success. Additionally, the two rings connect each other, which means the team work spirit of our company.

The standard color of GALES is red, white and black. Red means the booming life and healthy spirit; white means calm and thought, and means the spirit of calm and surviving in the changing environment; black means stable and solid mission of GALES.

Solid mission, constantly striving to be stronger, keeping fine energy and developing spirit, to be team work and achieve our grand target, this is the content of our symbol.