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Date: 2020-09-05
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Author: 佚名
The company organizes parent-child travel activities every year. We wear beautiful  clothes and enjoy the sun and the beach. We have fun and family happiness. We put down work and spend two days with our children, take them out to see the world, breathe fresh air, and feel great the beauty of nature. Through parent-child travel activities, the children not only gain happiness, but also gain knowledge during the journey, which enhances the relationship with their parents. I hope all children grow up happily and healthy! Working hard as a parent is to create better conditions for our children. Because of our work, we don’t spend much time with our children, especially the children of employees from other provinces. Many of them stay in their hometown to study. The company understands the hardships and difficulties of each parent. , Every year, a tour is held to allow the children of employees to come to the company to reunite with their parents and organize parent-child tours. Care for employees, and care for their children.


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