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Date: 2017-02-13
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Author: 佚名
2017 GALES STAFF MOBILIZATION MEETING was held on the meeting room of KWOLONG INTELLIGENT in Shatou Jiujiang.

All the office staff,leaders and managements of each branch factory were invited to attend this meeting.


At the meeting,H&R department firstly gave a detailed report and summary of personnel administration for 2016.And set the working plan and goal of 2017.

The leader of Jinsha factory and Taishan factory,Mr. Feng and Mr. Lu made the summary report subsequently.They analyzed depply for the success they acheived and also the difficulty they are facing,so as to make out the working plan and corrective measures to achieve continuous growth in production.Finally,Company Director Mr. Poon made a wonderful final report of company anual summary report and work out the company's future development plan.



Everyone listened carefully for all the reports and mark down the development plan of company,learn the direction of company development plan to do a full range of preparation.In the year of 2017,under Mr. Poon's leadership,GALES team will make concerted efforts,make joint efforts to reaching a new height of achievement.

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